Certi-Lite: At the Heart of a New Category in Cable Test

CategoriesNetwork Connectivity Testing
Due to an increased reliance on network-connected technologies in the enterprise, IT departments now require a cable test tool that fills the gap between network qualification and certification categories without breaking the bank. This new category of test tool is being referred to as Qualification+. AEM’s new Network Service Assistant (NSA) ...
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TestPro Technical Bulletin Multi-Mode Fiber Adapter: 850nm Encircled Flux LED Source

CategoriesMulti-Mode Fiber Adapter
ANSI/TIA-568.3-D Standard specifies the Transmission Performance and Test Requirements for Optical Fiber Cabling. Tier 1 testing of installed optical fiber cabling requires measurements of Attenuation (Optical Loss), Length & Polarity. For MultiMode Cabling, attenuation measurements are to be taken according to ANSI/TIA-526-14-C. ...
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